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General Concern

Parsana Plates are widely used to address numerous health problems in our everyday life. The plates are used to treat back pain, shoulder pain, joint pain, and knee pain. The natural pain reliever is also used to regulate blood pressure, improve mental health, reduce insomnia, relax body muscles, improve blood circulation, alleviate the mind, and make the body more flexible.

The result of the plates is often seen within a few days. After using it for 15 minutes twice a day every day, you will start to notice that your body and mind feel more relaxed and stress-free. In the short term, you will experience a more flexible body, better sleep, a calm mind, improved digestion, better sleep, and relaxed body muscles. In the long term, you will start noticing that you are experiencing fewer headaches, digestion problems, a healthy body and mind, and no joint pain.

Unlike medicines or syringes, you will not feel pain sensations or side effects when using Parsana Plates. They are entirely pain-free to use. There is no discomfort either when using Parsana Therapy Plates. You will only experience instant pain relief from different body pains.

No, they do not hurt. The Parsana Therapy Plates are completely pain-free. You will only experience a soft and minor tingling when you stand on the plate. After that, you will experience instant pain relief within a few minutes.

The plates are completely safe and easy to use. All you need to do is stand on it and exercise for 15 minutes twice daily. Put your feet on the plate and press down with your legs. Do the rounds up and down while maintaining balance on your foreleg fingers. Now take a side leg position and repeat it for a few rounds. Also, walk on the plate while you apply pressure to it with your legs.

Hands & Feet Exercises for Parsana Therapy Plates
1. Feet Exercise – Open the Shoulder Lock –
2. Feet Exercise – Open the Back Lock –
3. Feet Exercise – Open the Head Lock –
4. Feet Exercise – Open the Inner Thigh & Knee Lock –
6. 15 Min Daily Exercise –

In order to open up one’s body for maximum benefit. The second step involves exercising specific points on the hands and feet which are associated with any damaged or suffering organs. Implementing this two-step process is sure to make a positive difference in overall health and well-being.

Parsana Therapy Plate products strive to improve health and fitness while reducing dependency on heavy medication and mitigating its side effects. It falls under the umbrella of PREVENTIVE HEALTHCARE and is a testament to our commitment to societal welfare. 

What sets these products apart is its foundation in the revered principles of Naturopathy, a cornerstone of ancient Indian medicinal practices, proudly endorsed by the AYUSH organisation (Ayurveda, Yoga & Naturopathy, Unani, Siddha, Sowa Rigpa, and Homeopathy) under the Government of India. This approach aligns with our ethos of embracing natural, holistic methods to promote health and wellness.


“After over three decades of experience in fitness and health training, I came up with these therapy plates post my naturopathy study and research of 12 years, that keeps the body fit and healthy. These Parsana Therapy Plates have evolved through continuous feedback and improvements. I tested it with thousands of people suffering from various diseases in the first year of its launch, and the results were amazing. With the campaign of “Har Ghar Swasth”, “Every Home Fit”in my mind and as my goal, I launched two more plates, in total three Therapy Plates: 1) Acupressure Therapy Plate, 2) Stone Therapy Plate, and 3) Air Therapy Plate. Thousands of people are getting amazing results in their various physical as well as mental health ailments and I’m glad I’m able to make an impact in their lives with this naturopathic treatment rooted in Indian ancient medicine and science.”

-Mr Vijay Parsana, Founder & CEO of Parsana Health Pvt Ltd aka Parsana Group.

The Parsana Therapy Plate offers endless health benefits. You can use it to get rid of your joint pain, knee pain, shoulder pain, and leg pain. You can use it to address severe health issues such as indigestion, depression, blood pressure, cholesterol, diabetes, and more. The therapy plate helps you improve your mental health. It helps you lead a healthier, happier, and more active life. It may be used by anybody, from any walk of life, to enhance their health and eliminate all physical discomforts.

Product Concern

All age groups can use the Parsana Therapy Plates. It offers many of the same health benefits but also age-specific ones. For young people, it serves as the daily cardio and strengthening mechanism to help them stay fit, healthy, and in shape. It helps kids improve their concentration and focus better. The plates also offer numerous benefits for older adults. It helps them reduce joint and body pains. The best is that it allows them to do it in the comfort of their homes.

The Parsana Therapy Plates are crafted from medical-grade plastic. It is not only durable but washable, as well.

Yes, you can use the plate if you are pregnant. Besides this, one can also use it to lower menstrual cramps.

For the full benefits, it is ideally suggested that you use the plate for 15 minutes a day twice a day every day. Doing so will help you lead a healthy and happy life.

To reap its full benefits, you can use it twice a day.

The three plates differ mostly in terms of how they should be used and what benefits they offer. An acupressure therapy plate is designed for feet. It helps you produce endorphins, reduce chronic pain, regulate blood pressure, treat insomnia, soothe muscles and joints, stimulates organs, and enhance flexibility. The air therapy plate is a soft massager sit that is best for prolonged sitting. It improves concentration and better air circulation. Stone therapy is another plate designed for feet. It helps treat anxiety, assist in weight management, improve digestion, cure headaches, and increase energy levels.

The plates are primarily designed to be used for feet. However, their benefits are not limited to feet. It helps your whole body and mind.

Return/Refund Concern

We, at Parsana Group, try to help you in the best possible way. It includes both improving your overall health and offering the best-in-class services. If you receive a broken or faulty product from us, it will be replaced, and you will send a new product. It will be at our cost and on your time. You will, however, be unable to refund the money if you decide to cancel the order.

All Parsana payments are powered by cutting-edge and secure PhonePe payments solutions. Rest assured, your payment info is safe and secure.

All Parsana payments are powered by cutting-edge and secure PhonePe payments solutions. Rest assured, your payment info is safe and secure.

Once the order is placed, we are dedicated to sending it to you as soon as possible. We dispatch your order within 1-3 working days. However, during busy seasons, such as the holidays, shipment delays are possible.

You will be charged the standard shipping rates to any location in India. We, however, do not ship internationally yet.

No, you can not return a product once ordered. You, however, will receive a replacement if the product delivered to you is either broken or damaged.

Your satisfaction is significant to us. And to achieve it, we will ensure that a replacement will be sent to you if the product delivered to you is either defective, broken, or damaged.

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